Disposal cylinder13.6kg, drum 250kg

Replaced R11 in low pressure centrifugal
chillers. Retrofitting existing R-11 chillers to
R-123 may require replacement seals, gaskets
and other system components to obtain the
correct operating conditions and prevent
leakage. R123 mainly uses in large,
low-pressure centrifugal chillers. And replaces
R11 and R113 to use as cleaning agent, foamier
and refrigerant.
Formula:                                                                         CHCl2CF3
Molecular weight:                                                              152.98
Boiling point C:                                                                    27.6
Critical temperature, C :                                                     183.67
Critical pressure, MPa:                                                        3.673
Critical density, g/cm3:                                                        0.549
Liquid density, g/cm3 @ 25 C:                                             1.46
Specific heat of liquid, 25”C,KJ/Kg-C:                               0.985
ODP (CFC-11=1.0)                                                              0.020
GWP (CO2=1.0)                                                                    77
Disposal cylinder13.6kg, drum 250kg

Store in a cool place , Contents under pressure can be burst if heated , keep away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat , don't expose to temperature above 120 F ( 50 C ) Or throw into fire .