13.6 kg
900 kg,
ISO Tank

Chlorodifluromethane ( HCFC- 22), a colorless
gas at room temperature, is a colorless
non-toxic, nonflammable and transparent
liquid under the pressure created by itself. It
has excellent thermal and chemical stabilities
and no corrosively metals. It is mainly used as
Formula:                                                                         CHCLF2
Molecular weight:                                                          86.50
Boiling point @ 101.3kPa:                                            -40.80
Critical temperature, C:                                                 96.00
Critical pressure, MPa:                                                  4.99
Critical density, g/ cm3:                                                 0.5238
Liquid density, g/ cm3@ 21c:                                        1.2063
Vapor density, g/ cm3@BP:                                           0.0047
ODP (CFC-11=1.0):                                                       0.05
GWP (CO2= 1.0):                                                          1780
Lubricant:                                                                       Mineral Oil
Flammability:                                                                 None
13.6 kg
900 kg,
ISO Tank
Store in a cool place , Contents under pressure can be burst if heated , keep away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat , don't expose to temperature above 120 F ( 50 C ) Or throw into fire .