Synthetic polyester oil

0.5L , 1L , 5L

SYNTHETIC POLYOL ESTER REFRIGERATION OIL for use with HFC refrigerants such as :

R134a , R404a , R507 , R407C , R410a , R410b

RB POE range of lubricants offers excellent miscibility with HFC refrigerants, including blends. These highly refined products also have has excellent chemical and thermal stability, To ensure that customers are able to use the correct polyol ester for any application

Analysis                                  Method                                                                             Result 

Viscosity at 40C                  ASTM D-445                                                                     32 OR 68(cSt)
Density AT 15C                    ASTM D-4052                                                                      1.033kg/m3
Specific gravity AT 20C       ASTM D-4052                                                               1.0143(g/cm3)
Viscosity Index                     ASTM D-2270                                                                     154.02
Pour Point (C)                      ASTM D-97                                                                           -36
Flash Point (C)                     ASTM D-93                                                                            223
Total Acid number              ASTM D-664                                                               0.081(mg KOH/g)
Water (ppm max.)               ASTM D-6304                                                                     <100

0.5L , 1L , 5L
Polyester oil is high absorb moisture from air , so don't let the Package open for a long time .