Mineral Oil

0.5L , 1L , 3.78L

RB Mineral oil is a quality Refrigerating compressors lubricant using CFC or HCFC refrigerants . due to their chemical nature , these oil have superior miscibility with fluorocarbon refrigerant such as R12 ,R502,and R22 and are thus perfectly adapted to the low temperature.


Low wax content , chemically and thermally stable , low pour point , low foaming tendency and excellent lubrication properties
Very good miscibility behavior with refrigerants allowing a good oil return to the
compressor. (down to – 60 °C at the evaporator).

CAUTION : Deposits may clog filters when shifting from a mineral oil to a synthetic
alkylbenzene oil during initial runs.
0.5L , 1L , 3.78L