R125 is a single component non-ozone depleting HFC refrigerant. It has the potential to be used in some low temperature applications but R125 is more commonly used as a component in other HFC blends. 

In fire suppression applications, Pentafluoroethane is generally used in buildings which contain expensive electrical equipment, in places such as banks, museums, hospitals and industrial ‘clean 'rooms, or where the use of water systems as fire protection would be impractical

R125 is compatible with Polyester oil.

MOLECULAR WEIGHT                                                                       120

CHEMICAL FORMULA:                                                                   CHF2CF3

SPECIFIC GRAVITY (water = 1.0)                                              1.21 @ 21.1?C

BOILING POINT                                                                                 -48.5?C

VAPOR PRESSURE                                                                     180.4 psia @ 70?F

VAPOR DENSITY (air = 1.0)                                                                     4.2

RELATIVE DENSITY                                                                   1.21 g/cm3 at 21.1 C

10.9kg , ISO Tank

Store in a Cool place , Contents is under pressure can be burst if heated , Keep away from direct Sunlight and other Sources of heat , don't expose to Temperature above ( 120F) (50C) or throw into fire.